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There was once a time when stories were told via pictures; today, it is still told with pictures, only now, the pictures move!

If you are somewhere on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, South East Queensland or any other part of Australia, and are looking for a company that can handle all your video related problems, especially those in context with video encoding, then look no further!

At Complete Web Media, we offer you a variety of services associated with the domain of video encoding.

While video recording was a process that came into existence a long time back, the technologies that are used for the same today, are much different and far more advanced. This is why methods for video encoding became so important. In the recent future, this is a process that has gained much prominence and there are a very few companies in the world, which offer the finest services in the domain.

The processes that we utilise for video encoding are state of the art and will ensure you nothing but the best results. With extensive research and intensive hours of training, we have been able to devise the most fool-proof method to commence and conclude the process of video encoding.

The steps that we follow at Complete Web Media include:

  • Converting an interlaced video into its non-interlaced form, also known as deinterlacing.
  • Choosing the most accurate frame size, so that the final video output is perfect.
  • Maintaining the ratio of the original video.
  • Cropping out all the empty spaces, which will ensure cleaner edges around the final video.
  • Transferring the original video into the ideal software, which will facilitate proper editing and encoding.
  • Making sure that the final video, post encoding, is without errors or glitches.

Choose Complete Web Media for all your video encoding projects, and we can assure you that you will not be disappointed. We have been able to satisfy the requirements of innumerable clients on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, South East Queensland and several other parts of Australia, and now await the opportunity to please you!